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Enhance your Executive Team without adding to your Executive team....

  • Fill in a temporary or part-time executive role on your team when you need experience and innovation to be successful.

  • Larger companies companies looking to add entrepreneurship, specific product knowledge, and market understanding.

  • Smaller companies that need seasoned and experienced leadership without the cost of adding full time executives.

  • Short term or long term, heavy commitment or just a few hours once in a awhile, I can fit in and make an impact fast.   

My BACKGROUND AND SKILLS bring leadership in the following core areas:

  • Strategy

  • Innovation - Product, Technology, and Marketing

  • Business Development

  • Sales Development

  • Financing

  • Team development


  • We can review your specific needs and be flexible on setting up a fee plan

  • Generally, I work on a per diem fee that might be one day a month to full time for a few months.

  • We can start with more time and back off or start with just a little time and gear up later.  

Contact me and we can talk about a plan.

My EXPERTISE AND THOUGHT LEADERSHIP is in the following areas:

  • Order ahead and payment 

  • Card Linking


  • Loyalty


  • Payment innovation 


  • Gift and pre-paid cards


  • POS technology


  • SME marketing and coalitions


  • Credit card rewards

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