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Success Stories


While at Intrawest, the owner of Whistler Blackcomb, I helped developed advanced bar code tracking for lift ticket revenue sharing. I later lead the way to use this technology to develop of the first ticketing systems called a Direct to Lift pass. It is a "pay as you go" version of a seasons pass that is now used in virtually all ski areas in the world. At Whistler Blackomb it is called the Edge card, available in 5 and 10 day cards. This type of ticketing has changed how the entire industry manages revenue. 

Revolutionary but simple direct to lift ticketing for the ski industry

At Avanti we developed an in store order fulfillment system for any restaurant.  Allowing all digital channels to be managed through one gateway, including a private label ordering and all 3rd party aggregators. 

Restaurant Digital Order Gateway Solution

At Ernex our team developed and deployed some of the first retail electronic gifts cards in Canada and the US. We lead the way in merchandising, re-loading, and security innovations that are all standard features in todays gift card market. Major brands such as Nike, Levi Strauss, Home Hardware, and Intrawest trusted us with our innovations. Our ability as the first Canadian gift card processor to integrate gift cards into a payments terminal lead to Moneris owning Ernex today. 

Gift card Pioneer
realtime points.jpeg

At Ernex we also built the first real time earn and burn loyalty points engine, allowing consumers to redeem points right at the point of sale. This leading edge loyalty tool was used by top companies in their industries such as Eddie Bauer, Best Western, Harbour Air, Palms Restaurants, and Choice Hotels.  

Real time Loyalty Point at POS

While working with Vpromos and Visa I helped develop the first SMB loyalty program using card linking platforms. The program allows a customer to link a credit card to a merchants loyalty program using the networks rails through card linking. No loyalty card to carry and communications to the customer were in real time. 

Real time loyalty for SMB's using card linking

In early 2000's Canadian Airlines was going under and with it one of Canada's largest credit card bases, RBC's Airline Rewards Credit Card. I was part of a team that developed a new card and launched it in a matter of months. We moved the "points" engine for RBC rewards to RBC allowing them to negotiate fulfillment with any supplier. This also allowed this new card, called Avion, to be one of the first travel cards that used any airline. It fast became one of the top credit cards in Canada.

Developed one of the first "any airline" rewards programs. 

At Avanti we developed a multi tenant order ahead and pay platform for take out and delivery that any member group could use to create an order ahead marketplace. We set up two malls in Miami and Houston where the mall operator became a micro aggregator for all of their in mall restaurants. 

Order Ahead and Pay platform for a micro marketplace or aggregator
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