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Digital Loyalty, Order Ahead and Payments

Digital Loyalty, Payments and Order Ahead are moving quickly.

In fact, rapid advancements in technology has and will continue

disrupt most traditional bricks and mortar businesses.

Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb are leading the way.

Think like them!

The customer is the key!

Where customer convenience and payment converge is THE LOYALTY POINT

What is the problem?

Digital disruption is happening in all industries that touch bricks and mortar business. 

There may be many suppliers, systems and channels involved. 

Major changes in consumers expectations, in-store systems, payment types, and new channels.

How does it all fit together? 

What we do?

We help you understand so you are part of the disruption and not being disrupted. 

We help you innovate to success.

  • A digital strategy for online to offline

  • Where is your commerce engine? POS, cloud, both?

  • Current consumer expectations for convenience in digital commerce

  • The different needs of SMB, SME, and large enterprises in online to offline commerce

  • Product development, marketing, and positioning that fits online to offline commerce

  • Technology review and/or selection for the long term

What type of business are you?


You operate restaurants and want to maximize the value of these programs:

  • 3rd party mobile ordering 

  • Loyalty programs

  • Inhouse ordering

  • Pay and order at the table

  • POS integrations


You are in the payments industry and have initiatives in these value add areas:

  • SMB offerings

  • Integrated Loyalty

  • Coalition Loyalty

  • Card Linking

  • Mobile ordering

  • Pay and Order at the table


You are a technology company focused on offerings in bricks and mortar with digital value add tools:

  • POS 

  • Loyalty 

  • Cardlinking

  • Mobile apps

  • Order ahead

  • Pay at the table

  • Fintech

  • Blockchain


You operate retail stores and want to maximize the value of these programs:

  • Loyalty 

  • Cardlinking

  • Mobile apps

  • Beacons

  • Payment value add

  • POS integrations


If you need my experience or help with innovation you can hire me:

  • For a project

  • To start a new team or product

  • To assist with your strategy

  • To join your Exec team part time 



From start up to multinational my experience is focused on where technology meets marketing in:

  • Order Ahead 

  • Loyalty

  • Payments



Innovation is not about seeing the future, it is about listening to what is happening now and creating the future.  

My skills are focused on doing the right thing so you can focus on doing it right. Doing the right thing will lead to success. 

(yes, all Peter Drucker stuff)




Vancouver, BC


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